I felt extremely at ease the moment I met Mr Aquilina. From start to finish I was looked after and had complete faith that the procedure would be a success. I'm so grateful that I am no longer in pain and will see Mr Aquilina for any future dental work; for me and my family!


Last year I was referred to you with an infected root canal. From the moment I entered your surgery I was made to feel relaxed and welcome. The treatment on a front tooth took place over two visits. I never experienced any discomfort during treatment or through the recovery process. It has been a complete success and I would like to thank you and your staff for an excellent job well done.


I am pleased to endorse James for his excellent treatment I received two years ago when I needed root canal treatment and I would not hesitate to use him again.

I had read and heard a number of reports of painful experiences and subsequent infection problems with this kind of treatment but I am happy to report that I was completely untroubled by either of these outcomes. James clearly and patiently explained all aspects of the treatment even allowing for the fact that I am partially deaf and I was left with an impression that I had an experience that was as pleasant as any visit to the dentist could be - in the nicest possible way!’


After having stage one RCT on my upper second molar with my dentist he informed me that due to the difficulty there become some perforation in the pulp chamber beside that he could not find all the canals. I sought help from Dr Aquilina in attempt to save the tooth.

I was delighted that Dr Aquillina could do the complete RCT and he managed to block all perforations successfully in one session. It has passed 4 months since then and I do not have any symptom from the tooth.

I thank Dr Aquilina for his professional performance.

Dr M (General Dental Practitioner)

I have been referring Patients to James for over 10 years. The service he provides is excellent, from the thorough initial consultation through to treatment and report.

I always get positive feedback from my patients who comment frequently on his professionalism and friendliness. For more urgent cases, he offers a cancellation-list service which works well. Highly recommended.

James also root treated my lower incisor, which as you can imagine, I was keen to retain. I found him very friendly and with his nurse Samantha, completed the procedure in a painless and very professional manner. The treatment was a complete success, and I would recommend anyone looking for specialist endodontic services to not hesitate In getting a referral to see him.

Dr A (General Dental Practitioner)

Dear Dr Aquilina

Thank you for your email. The tooth is fine, without any symptom.

Thank you for your excellent achievement.

Dr M (Dental practitioner)

Hi James,

You sorted out a troublesome root canal for me last autumn. The pain was only triggered when flying so we didn't know if what you had done had actually worked. I'm happy to tell you that there were no problems at all. I flew to Lukla and back whilst doing my charity trek to Everest base camp. Everything else hurt and I got altitude sickness but I made it to base camp and my teeth were just fine all the way.

So many thanks for doing such a great job,


I have been working with James for many years. I am happy to refer my lovely patients to him with the confidence to know they will be well taken care of. James and Sam provide excellent treatment in a professional and caring manner that patients appreciate. I should know - I have been one of them!!

Many thanks James+ Sam!

Dr R (Dental Practitioner)

Hi James

It was a pleasure to meet you and Samantha at my appointment, as above.

I wanted to take the opportunity to email you to thank you for the exceptional and professional way in which I was treated. Fortunately I have never been a nervous patient, but I was and have been so impressed with my treatment and the outcome. On the day I was never in any discomfort and although I took your advice and took painkillers when I got home and before I went to bed that evening, I never really felt the need to take any at all. I had a good nights sleep and awoke the next morning to no discomfort whatsoever and that is how it has continued. I also know that I have a temporary filling in my crown now, but it doesn't feel like that!

So James and Samantha, thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you in approximately six months times for a check up.

With kind regards to you both


Dear Dr Aquilina

I just wanted to say thank you for the treatment you carries out on me September 2018 - it was excellent.

I had no need of painkillers following my treatment, my surrounding gums didn't even feel sore, and the tingling sensation and discomfort that led me too you has disappeared. The whole experience from the moment I walked into your surgery was relaxing and calming - my fears just melted away - and although in the chair for 2 1/4 hours the time passed quickly and I felt comfortable throughout that time.

I have made diary dates for the suggested 6 months check-up and yearly review. Look forward to seeing you again then.

Yours sincerely


Dear James and Samantha

I wanted to thank you for your care and patience during my treatment at Rochester lodge. I now have a pretty crown protecting my tooth you have looked after.

Best wishes