Specialist in Endodontics

To become a specialist endodontist , after leaving dental school, a dentist has to complete a further three years of training. Once the General Dental Council is satisfied that a dentist has completed the appropriate training, their name is entered onto the specialist register:

Only dentists whose name is on the specialist register can call themselves specialists.

The advanced training that a specialist in endodontics receives includes the diagnosis and treatment of dental pain. They undertake routine, difficult and very complex root canal procedures. This does not only include root fillings, but also includes the treatment of traumatic dental injuries and some minor oral surgery.

    operative microscope as used by an endodontist  View through microscope showing three entrances into the root canals which were less than a millimeter wide.

Endodontist often use very advanced techniques, materials and equipment (for example an operating microscope). This allows the treatment to be efficient, effective and comfortable.